Silly Silky

Silly Silky, an acclaimed electropop artist, has carved a dynamic path through the music industry. With a career spanning from 2016, her discography boasts singles like "AROMA" and "CYNICAL," along with EPs "SILKY" and "SILLY." Silly Silky's talent extends beyond solo work, contributing to SM Station's "Privacy" and crafting the OST for "보이스 2: I Hear You."

Recipient of the 16th Korean Popular Music Awards for Best Dance/Electronic Song, impact expands globally. From opening for HONNE and AURORA to gracing stages at The Great Escape Festival and K-MUSIC SHOWCASE, she continues to captivate audiences.

Silly Silky - Honey, Don't kill my vibe
Silly Silky - MEANT 2 BE
Silly Silky - No City For Love
Silly Silky - BB New Attitude
Silly Silky - Bounce Back